Protecting the Family Jewels:
A Mother’s Guide to Personal Hygiene for Sons

You know you’ll always be their mother. You’ve been taking care of them since they were in diapers, and no matter how old they are now or how old they get, they’ll always be your baby. Your role is a very important one, too. After all, you’re the protector of the family jewels. Someday, those excellent genes you’ve passed on will keep going for a few more generations, however in order for that to happen, you’ll need to teach your son how to take care of himself and his body. Every part of his body.
That all starts with underwear.

Underwear Hygiene

How many times have you walked into your son’s room and immediately wished you’d brought a hazmat suit? Piles of clothes that are way past dirty mixed with faint aroma of cologne that does nothing to mask the smell all greet you. No, cleanliness isn’t on the top of their priority list, and as far as their room goes it’s not the end of the world.

Personal cleanliness, however, is another matter.

During and just after puberty, teen bodies go nuts (pardon the pun). Hair starts sprouting from everywhere, sweat kicks into overdrive, and even more oil is produced, leading to a pretty stinky situation. You might think the solution is to get your boys to shower more often, but that’s just half the battle. You’ll also be dealing with wild hormones, smelly armpits, and an attitude that fluctuates hourly. Yes, the teenage years are a smelly adventure, but it doesn’t end there.

Did you know that guys are two times more likely to wear the same pair of underwear for more than a week? It doesn’t matter how well they’re washing every nook and cranny if they’re just going to put on the same sweaty, oily, dirty pair of underwear every day. That’s why it’s so vital to impress upon sons the importance of putting on fresh, clean underwear every day.

Underwear sits closer to the skin than anything else they’re going to wear, so it’s trapping bacteria and dead skin cells all day long. Multiply this by a few more days, and you can imagine the thriving bacteria colony they’re unknowingly promoting. Get them into the habit of changing their underwear regularly, and you’ll be setting them up for hygiene success later on.

Built for Comfort and Style

Now that you know why it’s so vital for teenage boys to maintain proper underwear hygiene, it’s time to think about what kind of underwear is best to buy them. Comfort and support top the list of considerations and will help you narrow down your options.

Those jewels aren’t going to protect themselves, and with how rambunctious and active teenagers are, it’s a good idea to think about pouch support first. Styles have evolved over the years, and while the old boxers and briefs are still around, the superior choice for ultimate support is trunks. Trunks are increasing in popularity due not only to their support, but also their athletic appeal and the fact that they’re less prone to riding up.

Material options have changed over the years, too, but cotton continues to reign supreme. It’s highly recommended, particularly for the lower regions, because it doesn’t trap moisture like chemically made synthetic fabrics do. On a hot day or during an athletic event, the last place your son wants to feel damp and uncomfortable is around the nether regions.

It’s All About Mindset

Getting your son to start his day with the right mindset begins with the first choice of the day - underwear. Instead of rummaging through the top drawer sorting through underwear with holes in unholy places, warped bands that barely hold themselves up much less anything else, or worse picking up a pair off the floor, teach your son why starting their day feeling good means starting their day with clean underwear. It’s how they can tell themselves they’re ready for the day ahead. Man, woman, or child, your mindset starts with your morning routine.

Passing Down Wisdom

Mothers have so many important lessons to teach their sons, not the least of which is personal hygiene. It may sound simple, but it’s not something inherent. It’s something we have to think about every day and getting your son into the mindset that maintaining their bodies is an integral part of life will benefit their physical health, their mental health, and their future relationships.

This isn’t just a lesson that applies to youth. This idea of your morning defining your day will carry with them throughout their lives and will even turn into something they can teach their own children one day.

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