About Us


Jack - Founder

My name is Jack and I’m the brand owner of KRONIS mens underwear.                                                                                                 
It's kinda funny that I was the guy who hated shopping for underwear.
Underwear was on the bottom of my shopping list and I'd usually wear them until they ran ragged.

Then a girlfriend introduced me to trunks.
You know, they just sat right.

It was an awakening I wanted to share with others.
I reached out to some young designers in Italy looking to bring to life that modern look.
We tried and tested many fabrics until we found that right balance of softness without being flimsy.

KRONIS had been around since 2014.
We know that comfort is the most important element that men look for, but I still gotta say, I love the square cut sexier look too.

Now I don't have the budget like the big guys to get on billboards or pay someone famous but I can tell you we're behind our product and support you with outstanding service.

Have a look at our First Pair Guarantee for more information.

For many, trunks are a design that's new however they're an evolution from Boxer Briefs.
With less fabric, there's a big reduction of that annoying ride up that makes us jiggle and wiggle throughout the day.

We believe you should start your day with the right frame of mind.
That begins with what you first put on in the morning - underwear.
Get into that mindset and feel empowered for that day ahead.
Or maybe you gotta hot date coming up, so 'get date ready'.

Our tag line is 'Wear Your A-Game'.

So, enough about us.
Please send an email to support@KRONISTrunks.co if you have any questions.

You may have guessed, I'm not based in the US.
So with the time difference between us, please allow me sometime to respond.
I'm usually quiet prompt would really love to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest,